As it turns out, “I’m lovin’ it” looks very different depending on where you are in the world.

In the U.S., Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs reign supreme on the McDonald’s menu. However, this isn’t the case in every country. The massive chain has tailored its menus to suit local tastes, and some of the items offered around the world are quite unusual.

Let’s take a tour of the five strangest McDonald’s menu items in other countries.

Hong Kong: Bacon, Macaroni and Cheese Toastie

Credit: raisbeckfoto / iStock

Bacon, macaroni and cheese, and toast. Separately, these foods are all great, but are they really better together? McDonald's in Hong Kong seems to think so, because they recently added a Bacon, Macaroni and Cheese Toastie to their menu.

Sort of like the love child of mac and cheese and grilled cheese, with bacon thrown in for good measure, this sandwich offers a fine opportunity to carb-o-load for a marathon you never intend to run.

Malaysia: Bubur Ayam McD

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Why decide between chicken and hot cereal grains when you can have both at once? In Malaysia, McDonald’s offers porridge... with chicken on top. Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s worth noting that in Malaysia, the menu item doesn’t seem so random as it might to someone from the U.S. or Europe. Bubur ayam is a popular regional dish in Malaysia. It’s commonly sold by street vendors and is enjoyed all day long.

The McDonald’s version of this dish, which is available day and night, features chicken strips atop porridge and is garnished with spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots, and diced chilies.

Germany: McToast Chocolate

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Flatbread folded around a filling doesn’t sound too odd until you learn that the filling is chocolate. It’s a far cry from traditional breakfast fare like the Egg McMuffin or hash browns that you might more commonly see in the U.S.

While this menu item may be odd, that doesn’t mean it’s unpleasant. Toasted wholemeal bread blanketing a melty chocolate filling... why not have your breakfast and eat a treat, too?

Of course, if a savory flatbread  is more your style, the McToast is also offered in ham and cheese, bacon and cheese, and tomato and cheese options.

Japan: Shaka Shaka Chicken

Credit: winhorse / iStock

In Japan, you can enjoy your fried chicken snack with a little bit of heart-pumping activity.

When you order shaka shaka chicken, you get it with a flavoring on the side like cheddar cheese or red pepper. You sprinkle the flavoring in the bag and shake it until the chicken is coated to your liking.

Why not wash it down with another oddball item from the Japanese McDonald’s menu like the McFloat melon, which is made with green melon juice and ice cream?

Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, & Taiwan: McRice Burger

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In the U.S., we tend not to like burgers unless they’re on a bun. But in parts of Asia, they eschew the traditional roll, instead opting for a pair of sticky rice patties to sandwich their burgers.

These rice patties bookend not just burgers but fried fish and fried chicken variations. Unfortunately, the McRice burger was recently discontinued, but it lives on in fans’ memories. Perhaps there will be a limited edition re-release soon, à la McRib?

Across the world, McDonalds has done an admirable job of tailoring their menu to the tastes of local consumers. However, when viewed from afar, some of these menu items seem downright wacky! How many of these oddball menu items would you try?