Greenland isn't always the first choice of vacation destinations. It is often forgotten in favor of places like Paris, London, or the Bahamas, but this is a mistake. Greenland is unlike any other country on the planet. It is largely uninhabited, and has some amazing natural wonders that you just can't miss. Here are three reasons why Greenland is a great vacation destination.

The Glaciers

Credit: MicheleB/Shutterstock

If there is one thing that Greenland is famous for, it is its glaciers. And for good reason! The glaciers in Greenland are not only enormous, but also fast-moving. In the town of Ilulissat in particular, you can see the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, which is one of the most active glaciers in the world. It moves approximately 131 feet every 24 hours and produces 10 percent of the icebergs that are present in the country. These icebergs break off of the glacier as it moves, and the water they contain can really add up. According to sources, the glacier drops 46 cubic kilometers of ice each year which, if melted, would be enough water to match the annual water consumption for the entire United States.

The Northern Lights

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The Northern Lights have intrigued people for centuries. While we now know that they are a phenomenon of nature caused by "electrically charged particles from the sun," many people still believe they are something magical and mysterious - which they are. The colors of the Northern Lights are all over the spectrum, changing from red to blue to green and then some. The best place to witness this beautiful spectacle is in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, which sees 300 clear night skies a year. To make things even more interesting, the locals in this area have numerous myths and fables to tell about the Aurora Borealis. Some of these tales say that the lights represent the souls of children or ancestors who are dancing through the skies. Others say that the Lights can predict upcoming weather, while still others say that the movement of the Lights is caused by spirits playing soccer with a walrus skull.

The Solitude

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Greenland may be the world's largest island that is not attached to a continent, but it has the world's smallest population. While there are pockets of people (many of which still carry on the traditions of their Inuit ancestors) and a few small, colorful cities here and there, the country is mostly deserted. It is easy to believe that you are completely alone in the wilderness as you look out over the icy tundra. This is one of the only places left on Earth that has not yet been fully settled by man, and thusly has hardly any roads. Some of the only ways to get around are by foot, dogsled, skis, helicopter, or boat, which can seem like an inconvenience, but is actually fortunate as it ensures that you are one of the only people to be seeing the incredible landscapes as you head out on your own adventure. Since there are not many tourists here, you can kayak, fish, and go rock climbing to your heart's content without having to fight with anyone else for a spot, making this the perfect destination for those who enjoy solitude and quiet reflection.