From the ice fields of Alaska to the arid deserts of the Southwest to the rocky Appalachian Mountains, the American landscape is as varied as it is beautiful. With 60 designated national parks, the United States is full of so many natural wonders, it's difficult to know where to start exploring. We reached out to our community to see which U.S. National Parks are their favorites. It was a close call, but the rankings are in and below are the top five U.S. National Parks chosen by our community.

Glacier National Park

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It's difficult to capture the majesty of Glacier National Park in words. Snowcapped peaks tower over glassy lakes and dense forests creating a scene so idyllic it would be better suited for an art gallery. The wild landscape offers something for everyone, and you won't be able to help stopping every few minutes to pinch yourself as you look around.

Zion National Park

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There's no question that Utah is home to some of the most unique natural landscapes in the country. And its crowning jewel has to be Zion. Creamy red and pink sandstone cliffs and narrow slot canyons decorate this park with dramatic features. But its softer side is just as breathtaking, with wildflower meadows and still, starry skies that stretch towards infinity.

Yellowstone National Park

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The world's first national park has amazed visitors for decades, and our Discoverers are just as entranced. Its bubbling hot springs and geysers definitely make Yellowstone stand out, but there's something special beyond the traditional tourist stops. In the dense forests and dramatic mountain peaks you can find the true definition of "wild" and encounter a world that we've almost forgotten. A world ruled by bison and elk, and decorated with the trimmings of nature at its most beautiful.

Grand Canyon National Park

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National park and one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, Grand Canyon National Park is definitely a showstopper. Carved over centuries by the mighty Colorado River, the Grand Canyon holds many delightful adventures for discoverers of all ages and preferences. Daredevils can embark on rigorous hikes or opt to raft down the Colorado. Nature lovers will enjoy the multitude of trails for all levels. And if you just want to contemplate how awesome Mother Nature is, you can wander the rim and let yourself be amazed.

Yosemite National Park

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The clear winner of our poll was Yosemite, and to be honest, we're not surprised. This tranquil and majestic park definitely earns its number 1 spot. Stretched in the Sierra Nevada of California, the park encompasses 1,200 square miles of glacial valleys, stunning waterfalls, mammoth sequoias, and sprawling meadows. Attracting over 4 million visitors each year, Yosemite is one of the most-visited national parks, and definitely worth a line on your bucket list.