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Certain cities have a magical quality about them that makes you forget the rest of the world exists. Fall in love all over again on your next vacation by booking a trip to one of these five romantic towns.

Santorini, Greece

Walkways of Santorini
Credit: Feel good studio/ Shutterstock

There's a reason Santorini is quickly becoming a top destination for honeymooners. With a unique landscape formed by volcanic eruptions (they happened hundreds of years ago, so no need to worry about one interrupting your vacation) and sunset views that go on forever, you're going to want to explore this Greek island with your love.

There's also no shortage of things to do once you get to Santorini. You can relax on one of the many beaches, including a beach with red sand, or go for a hike. You can take diving lessons and explore the world beneath the island. For a fun mix of adventure and relaxation, take a volcano tour so you can relax in the natural springs and mud baths.

If you want to capture a view of the sunset, make sure to visit the village of Imerovigli. Its name translates to "viewpoint," and it is among the best places to catch a sunset. It's also usually less crowded than the more popular Oia. Get a patio table for dinner and enjoy a leisurely meal with some wine as you watch the sun slowly set over the Aegean Sea for a picturesque evening. Visit in the summer if you want to enjoy the sun and surf. During the winter months, the island city is cooler, but it's also slightly less crowded and can give you the feeling of escaping to your own private island.

Bruges, Belgium

Boat going down canal in Bruges
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If you've ever wanted to star in your very own fairy tale, then a trip to Bruges, Belgium, is just what you need. This town, called Brugge by the locals, has a medieval charm that's reminiscent of your favorite fables. The city center is an official UNESCO heritage site and has the most existing medieval structures out of any city in Europe. So, if you and your love are avid history buffs, you'll enjoy stepping back in time as you explore this charming city.

Some romantic ideas to explore in Bruges include taking a boat ride along the canal, spending a day at the beach in Zeebrugge or Knokke, or taking a carriage ride through the cobblestone streets. You can also sample delicious Belgian chocolates from local chocolate shops.

Like most cities, the peak tourism season is in the summer. Summer is gorgeous, but it's also packed with tourists. If you're comfortable in the cold, head to Bruges in the winter. You'll be able to explore the city without crowds, and you might even get to experience a romantic winter snowfall.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan
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Kyoto is a quiet escape, which makes it an ideal place to plan a romantic getaway. There are lots of tranquil gardens where you can find peace, plus intimate restaurants and magical streets that are perfect for long walks with the one you love. Some restaurants offer individual dining rooms so you can enjoy a delicious, leisurely meal in privacy.

Kyoto has plenty of spots in the city dedicated to the power of love, which makes it an appealing place for honeymooners to visit. One of these places is Kifune Shrine. There's a climb to get to the shrine that takes about 30 minutes, but it's well worth the effort. The staircase leading up to the main shrine is called "Koi no Michi," which translates to "Path of Love."

Make sure to visit the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, which has an entire shrine, called Jishu-jinja, devoted to romance. You can purchase amulets dedicated to ensuring your love will last a lifetime and walk through the Tainai Meguri to make a wish on the magical stone. The walk is in total darkness, making it the perfect place to hold hands.

Paris, France

City view of Paris
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We're not the first to tell you there's something magical and romantic about Paris. Maybe it's hearing the French language, the architecture, or the passion for the arts.

For as large a city as it is, Paris is also surprisingly easy to navigate. You can head out on foot and see a lot of the city at a leisurely pace. There are so many shops, cafes, and unexpected places that you can set out without a set plan and end up having an afternoon full of surprises.

Venice, Italy

Canal with boats in Venice
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It's hard to imagine that any city in the world is more romantic than Venice, Italy. From taking a gondola ride to drinking wine and eating delicious Italian food as you watch the sun set over the Mediterranean, there's no shortage of  ways to enjoy Venice with the one you love.

If you really want to get into the spirit of things, you can literally walk in Casanova's footsteps. Rumor has it he used to meet his lovers at the secluded Cantina Do Spade, which is near the Rialto Bridge. Sip some wine and see if you can capture some of the flirtatious romantic vibes.