If you want to beat everyone to the hottest places to visit this year, all you have to do is read on to discover what is trending according to KAYAK, the popular travel search engine. They just released their list of destinations that saw the greatest jump in KAYAK searches from last year. Let’s see what’s trending in tourism as we explore the five hottest travel destinations in the world.

Guadalajara, Mexico (+43%)

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What made Guadalajara a hot spot this year? Let’s start with tequila. Take a tour where some of the best in the world is made — the Tlaquepaque Distillery. This quiet Mexican city is also home to chic art galleries and modern architecture set among old-world buildings. You can also experience awesome local cuisine to go with your tequila. Let’s end with music. Guadalajara is home to mariachi. Expect to pay a modest $300 for a roundtrip ticket and a stay in a 5-star hotel will only cost you $125 a night.

The Bahamas (+45%)

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Getting to the Bahamas is the pricey part of the trip where to can expect to pay around $500 to get to Nassau. However, once you get there your troubles will melt away as you relax on the white sand beaches and take a dip in the clear blue waters. You will also find an endless range of water activities that cater to all tastes and experience levels. You can snorkel in the calm clear waters of Elbow Cay or head out a catamaran to explore the coral reefs. The place to be is Atlantis, where you can get a room for $230 a night. It will be an experience you won’t forget.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (+49%)

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Vietnam has been trending for years and lands in the third spot on this hot list. The city has blossomed into a captivating mix of old and new with ancient temples and French-inspired colonial building sitting elegantly in the shadows of modern skyscrapers. Ho Chi Minh City has shed its skin from its scarred past and has emerged like a butterfly with so much to offer tourists who are seeing this proud city for the first time. Day trips can be easy to book and you will be amazed and charmed by the beauty of the countryside and friendly people of Vietnam. Exotic street food and bustling markets greet you as you walk the busy streets. Expect to shell out about $1,000 for a roundtrip ticket, but a luxurious hotel room can be found for $50 or less a night.

Bali, Indonesia (+65%)

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Way to go, Bali! You are the only destination to make KAYAK’s top trending list three years in a row. Once you are there you will know why. Bali is home to some of the best beaches in the world and is known as the Island of the Gods complete with amazing palaces and temples set among lush tropical jungles. A stay in Bali is probably a once in a lifetime experience, to be honest, as it takes almost two days to get there from the U.S. and a roundtrip flight will set you back over $1,000. If you are willing to get adventurous, a room can be had for under $30 a night, but a night in a midrange room will cost you around $100.  

Mexico City, Mexico (+73%)

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Coming in at #1 on the hottest travel destination in the world is Mexico City. Why are people so eager to head to this south of the border capital city? Just about everything! Mexico City is a lively city full of culture, food, fashion and art (only Paris has more museums on tap). You won’t even need to leave the city to experience the history or Mexico’s proud past with your pick of Aztec ruins and enchanting boat trips down ancient canals. The trip won’t break your budget either. An average roundtrip ticket comes in it at $200. Hotels are reasonable for a capital city. You can book a stay in the InterContinental Presidente Mexico City in the trendy Polanco neighborhood for only $200 a night.