Train trips provide a way to enjoy the countryside while relaxing in a comfortable seat. You don't need to go abroad to take advantage. There are many fantastic trips available in the United States. Here are six of the most stunning train trips that can be taken in the United States.

Strasburg Rail Road, Pennsylvania

Train in the countryside next to green fields and trees in Pennsylvania
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Pennsylvania offers a wide variations in scenery, from lush forests to beautifully-maintained farmlands. Enjoy it all when you book a trip on the historic Strasburg Rail Road. Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Strasburg Rail Road was founded in 1832. Over the years, it has been updated and maintained to keep the historic look and feel alive while still moving into the future. The Strasburg Rail Road features seasonal offerings like a Christmas-themed train ride, but the standard day trip is the most popular. Guests can enjoy a leisurely glimpse of Amish country and the historic farmlands that keep the area alive.

Napa Valley Wine Train, California

Train through Napa Valley
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The Napa Valley Wine Train offers a relaxing trip through the heart of California's wine country. Originally built in 1864, the Wine Train follows a three-hour route that takes passengers through some of the most beautiful towns in California, including Oak Knoll and Rutherford. According to the Wine Train's website, one of the biggest draws to the trip is the fact that passengers are able to access some of the most expensive and famous farm real estate in the country. Plus, guests can choose from different packages to enhance the overall journey, including the "Romance on the Rails" package or the "Murder Mystery" interactive experience.

The Napa Valley Wine Train is also known for its cuisine. You can choose from various small plates, so you can snack while enjoying the scenery outside your window. Alternatively, indulge in a full meal made from all the local flavors that have made the Napa Valley region so incredibly popular.

The Grand Canyon Railway, Arizona

Grand Canyon Railway
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Experience the Old West in a way that few have when you take a trip on the Grand Canyon Railway. Since 1901, passengers on this train have been able to enjoy some of the most stunning scenery in the world from the comfort of a beautifully-appointed train car. There are six different classes of service to choose from, from the more relaxed ambiance of the Pullman Class car, featuring windows that open to let in fresh air, to the Luxury Dome, which offers exclusive cocktails and a grand interior. The Grand Canyon Railway also offers period entertainment such as fiddle players and storytellers that help you experience the Old West.

The Maple Leaf Train, New York

Amtrak train in Lyons, New York
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Amtrak's Maple Leaf route starts out at Niagara Falls and then takes passengers on an incredible ride through Albany, Syracuse, and Toronto. The twelve-hour trip runs daily. Bask in the glory of Niagara Falls, one of the world's true geological wonders and the second-largest waterfall in the world. Not sure when to schedule your trip? Consider taking a ride on the Maple Leaf Train in autumn, when New York's upstate area is in full bloom. Few sights can compare with New York in the fall.

Mount Hood Railroad, Oregon

Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge and Mt. Hood in the distance
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Oregon is home to natural beauty, including Boardman State Park and Mount Hood, the highest point in the state. Soak it all in when you take a ride on the Mount Hood Railroad. Departing sixty miles east of Portland, Mount Hood Railroad takes passengers all along the Hood River, in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, all the way to Parkdale, a historic town that was connected to the railroad in 1910. Throughout the entire route, passengers will be in the shadow of Mount Hood, enjoying panoramic views. Mount Hood Railroad also offers specials trips during the holiday season, when the snow and winter weather in Oregon provide a stark, wintry backdrop.

The Coast Starlight, Seattle

Coast Starlight train
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The Coast Starlight is a 35-hour excursion offered by Amtrak. The adventure starts in Seattle and takes passengers through Washington, Oregon, and California, offering unparalleled views of the San Francisco Bay area and the mountains and valleys of the West Coast. From the shoreline to the green forests and national parks, you will see many different types of scenery. All in all, you will enjoy seeing over 30 unique destinations while on the Coast Starlight. Take a seat in the observation car and enjoy floor-to-ceiling views. Best of all, you can customize the trip to suit your budget, with options ranging from a basic ticket at around one hundred dollars to premium tickets with for overnight accommodations and a selection of tasty snacks and drinks worth several hundred.