The Big Apple is an adventurer’s dream. Bright city lights, Fifth Avenue shopping and delicious bites are the cornerstone of New York City’s appeal. From fresh Italian pastries to the light and buttery notes of French cuisine, explorers with a sweet tooth are sure to find something of delight in New York City.

With the revival of artisanal dessert shops, New York City has become the home of one special (and growingly rebellious) treat. Filled with peanut butter and jelly, tossed in cinnamon sugar and even sans egg are just some of the ways New York City’s donuts are putting a new spin on this timeless charmer. Here are 7 must-visit donut shops redefining an American classic:

Doughnut Plant

Credit: @doughnutplant

Vanilla bean & jam. Crème Brûlée. Tres Leches. The menu at Doughnut Plant is a real treat for discoverers who like to keep things interesting. Donuts are made fresh daily with high-quality and seasonal ingredients at the plant’s original bakery on the Lower East Side. They’ve made a splash over the years with their season flavors – Gingerbread, Passion Fruit and Pumpkin Cake to name a few – and their commitment to fresh, in-house desserts (they even make their own jam).

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Credit: @peterpandonut

By 9 a.m. your favorite donut could be a goner at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. Sitting in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint, this delicious abode is a neighborhood favorite – especially when donuts go for $1.25. Who can beat that? For a taste of old-school Brooklyn, drop by this bakery and give their Red Velvet, Chocolate Coconut or Honey Glazed a try. But be sure to leave your charge cards at home – this place is cash only.


Credit: @Doughnuttery

Minimalists will love Doughnuttery’s approach. These mini donuts are packed with tons of flavor in a deceivingly small package. Start with plain mini donut holes and dip them in your choice of sugared flavors from fruit cereal and powdered sugar to spicy sriracha. You can also pair them with one of Doughnuttery’s delicious dipping sauces – creating an experience that will cause your taste buds to explode.

Underwest Donuts

Credit: @underwestdonuts

Soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth donuts are the norm at Underwest. Nestled underneath a car wash on the West Side Highway, this city favorite specializes in cake donuts in a variety of glazed flavors. Thankfully, a car is not necessary to enjoy Underwest Donuts. With flavors like Brown Butter, Dark Chocolate and Mulled Cider, this specialty shop knows how to hone in on the perfect blend of texture and taste.

Dun-Well Doughnuts

Credit: @dunwelldoughnuts

Vegan travelers will feel at home in this all-vegan donut confectionery. While watching The Simpson’s, a craving for a vegan treat hit co-founder Christopher Hollowell. After calling up his long-time buddy Dan Dunbar, the two set out on a mission to create the most delicious vegan donuts New York City ever tasted. Safe to say, they’ve nailed it. Specialty flavors are a daily treat at this shop – Peanut Butter Cup, Berries & Cream and Chai are just a few of the ones to make past menus at Dun-Well Doughnuts.

The Donut Pub

Credit: @thedonutpub

In the mood for a donut after a long night on the town? The Donut Pub has you covered. Featuring an assortment of classic flavors from old-fashioned to glazed, this shop also kicks it up a notch with a variety of flavored cronuts, cream and jelly-filled donuts. Check out the S’mores Cronut, Maple Bacon Donut or Blueberry Cake at this Chelsea best-kept secret.

Dough Doughnuts

Credit: @doughdoughnuts

When traveling to Dough keep an empty stomach; they love BIG doughnuts and they cannot lie. Chef Fany Gerson infuses her Mexican heritage into the selection of donuts at Dough with Latin American inspired ingredients. Biting into one of their Dulce De Leche Almond yeast donuts, Salted Chocolate Caramel or Lemon Poppy is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to get messy and to have your tastebuds praise you with gratitude.

These donuts will sweeten up any New York City getaway. Be sure to bring a friend or two along – you’ll want to try as many flavors as you can once you arrive.