If you love beaches, Mexico is a wonderful vacation destination. It has hundreds of gorgeous beaches that meet up with crystal clear and blue waters, and every single one of them is worth a visit. Some of these beaches are big tourist destinations, however, and tend to get a bit congested, especially in the summer months. If you want to avoid the crowds and have a nice, peaceful time, here are three of the most relaxing beaches in Mexico where you can lay in the sun undisturbed.

Tulum Island, Cancun Town

Credit: Sven Hansche/Shutterstock

The appeal of Tulum Island is that it has tons of once-in-a-lifetime activities you can do before you head to the beach to relax. There are ancient Maya ruins to explore, a jungle you can trek into, and some really great restaurants where you can test out the local cuisine. The beach is also the location of the biggest barrier reef in the world, so you can snorkel, scuba and swim in the water and discover all types of new sea creatures. The most isolated areas of the beach are south of the Mayan ruins, and it is here that you can lie on the beach in near-perfect solitude. In some areas, you can even get a tan in the nude. What could be more relaxing than that?

Playa San Agustin, Oaxaca Island

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If your idea of a relaxing beach is something simpler, then you will be perfectly happy at Playa San Agustín in Oaxaca. While this beach is also home to some great waves for surfing enthusiasts, it is also just one long, crescent-shaped stretch of beach. Nothing obscures your view of the blue waters, and the mile-long length of the beach makes it difficult for it to get too crowded. To get here, there is only one "dusty road" to take, and when you arrive, the only things to greet you are a couple of seafood restaurants. You can nibble on snacks and sip drinks while you lay out in the sun, or, if you really want to get in a bit of a workout before you settle down to sunbathe, you can swim or go snorkeling here as well.

Mazunte, Oaxaca Island

Credit: Emiliano Barbieri/Shutterstock

Oaxaca Island doesn't just have one relaxing beach, it has several. Another beautiful one to visit is Mazunte, located near Puerto Angel. This is another favorite of surfers, but due to its lack of too many hotel chains and tourist attractions (as well as the waves that are occasionally much too high to swim in), it is not nearly as crowded as some other locations. There are some restaurants nearby to allow you to get a taste of true, genuine Mexican food, but the best reason for visiting this relaxing beach is the wildlife. Mazunte is home to many exotic, endangered animals such as fish and sea turtles, and these animals have a great life thanks to multiple conservation efforts and protection programs. So you can lay back and relax as you watch a family of turtles head for the sea, and you can feel good about it, knowing that they are safe here.