For most of us, flying on a plane can be a bit of an arduous task. We have to deal with cramped quarters, sub-par food selections and sitting way too close to strangers. However, the experience is completely different for those who have the money and clout to take a private jet. Here is a look at the wide range of amenities that are enjoyed on the three most luxurious private jets in the world. Just try not to think about this article the next time you're flying in economy class!

Embraer Legacy 500

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The Embraer Legacy 500 was profiled by Business Insider in 2018 due to its status as the more "affordable" of the luxurious private jets on the market. This mid-size plane costs "only" $20 million and is designed to fly shorter routes with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers. Once you get inside, though, you won't even realize you are still on a plane. The floors are made of slick, shiny stone or covered in plush, luxurious carpet. It also features supple leather seats and carefully crafted wood veneers that make you feel as if you are flying in a lounge or a country club instead of an airplane.

Airbus ACJ319

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The Airbus brand is one of the top manufacturers of luxury private aircrafts, and its price is no joke. The price of an Airbus private jet runs from $72 to $110 million, a price that doesn't include customizations to the interior. The Airbus ACJ319 in particular, though, is made to fit eight people and can travel internationally. It is the widest and tallest jet in its class, giving passengers plenty of space to stretch their legs and relax in soft leather seats (or sleep in a queen-sized bed). The wide body version of this plane also comes with the option for either a dining room or a conference room, complete with couches and flat-screen televisions so you can be comfortable even as you do business.

Bombardier Global 7500

Credit: Matti Blume/WikimediaCommons

Last but certainly not least is the Bombardier Global 7500. This is the world's longest and largest private jet, with a 127-foot body that has the capacity to seat 19 people. The plane costs around $64 million and can be customized however the owner likes. It has four "spacious living areas" that can include a full kitchen complete with microwave, cooktop, sink and other amenities, a queen-sized bedroom, an enormous bathroom and a lounge that can be converted into a living room or even a private movie theater. When the first eight of these planes were announced to debut in 2019, the waiting list filled up so fast that some people won't even get to see one until at least 2021.