The United States is a land of opportunity. From the East Coast to the West, ambitious citizens can follow their dreams, even if said goal is just to hit the best wine tours across the nation. Along with expansive lands of beautiful, winding vines, and emerald greenery, vineyards offer wine tours that allow guests to indulge in an array of different offerings. Some tours are good, others great, and then there are these three splendid experiences for the wine connoisseur.

This trio of tours goes beyond the standard wine tour to provide visitors with ample insight into the process of making wine. If it’s a thorough tour you want, you’ll find it at these three best wine tours in the United States.

Blue Ridge Wine Excursions

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Trek to the East Coast of the United States to the heart of Virginia, and you’ll be able to take part in a Blue Ridge Wine Excursion. While Virginia is not often touted for its wine production, the state is a breeding ground for successful vineyards, and you can enjoy access to many of them through a Blue Ridge Wine Excursion.

There are many wineries Blue Ridge can bring you to, whether it’s the DelFosse Vineyards or the Mountfair Vineyards near Charlottesville. The tours may have slight variations depending on the vineyard, but Blue Ridge’s attention to detail ensures that you won’t be disappointed.

Cruise across Virginia in a luxury vehicle, hear the history of Virginia’s wine country, and enjoy the alcoholic delights offered at some of the 16 vineyards Blue Ridge Wine Excursions has access to.

Sustainable Wine Tours

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There are many tours across the country that aren’t open to the public. In most cases, they’ll never be visited by travelers or curious locals. Unless, of course, they’re part of the Sustainable Wine Tours in Santa Barbara.

The biggest perk to the West Coast wine excursion is that it offers access to otherwise inaccessible wineries and vineyards. That means you’ll enjoy the finest bottles of wine in a setting that you and your tour group have all to yourselves. Amidst touring the wineries of Santa Barbara while being carted around in a luxury vehicle, you’ll break for a delightful lunch.

If you love wine, there’s no doubt that the Sustainable Wine Tour should be high on your list. While the wineries you’ll visit are fascinating, the added bonus of learning about the local region’s wine history is an appealing factor.

Snoqualmie Falls and Seattle Winery Tour

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You may not immediately think “wine tour” when you think of Seattle, but this Pacific Northwest city is an eclectic mix of everything that’s great about the United States. Along with local breweries and a bustling fish market, Seattle has quite the collection of wineries. To see some of them, you’ll want to embark on the Snoqualmie Falls and Seattle Winery Tour.

While the wineries are the main attraction of this excursion, Snoqualmie Falls isn’t such a bad stop. The stubby falls is a popular destination for Washington’s tourists, but they often overlook Chateau Ste. Michelle, one of the state’s oldest wineries. The acclaimed estate has served the local region and beyond by producing an award-winning beverage.

The tour crosses Lake Washington to access Woodinville, which houses many of the state’s most popular and prolific wineries. The mix of nature and libations is sure to explain why this tour is such a big hit with wine lovers.