If you live in the United States, you probably tend to think of road trips as "an American thing." When you were growing up, you and your family probably went on a road trip every summer to go camping or to a theme park in another state. It was a bonding experience full of traveling songs and car games and lots of chips and snacks. Road trips aren't just for Americans, though. There are tons of great road trips to take in Europe too. Here are the top three.

Autobahn, Germany

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The Autobahn is legendary. It is one of the only roads on the planet that lets you go as fast as you want - or as fast as your car will let you. In non-residential areas, there is literally no speed limit, which can be quite a thrill, especially for those who hate getting stuck behind slow drivers here in the States. The Autobahn isn't just a racetrack, though. It was built through some truly stunning parts of the German countryside, which allows you to catch a glimpse of some beautiful scenery as you speed on by. It is almost pretty enough to make you want to ease up on the accelerator... almost.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Italy is a gorgeous destination in general, but it can be difficult to navigate through most cities like Milan and Rome in a car. In fact, many of the big tourist cities in Italy are walking cities, and there are a lot of places where vehicles can't go (or if they do go, they get stuck in traffic jams for hours). If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle in the northern cities, you can head out on a road trip along the Amalfi Coast. Southern Italy is much less crowded than the north, and it is full of natural wonders like mountains, forests, beaches and grassy hills. A road trip along the Amalfi Coast will let you see all that nature, plus it will take you through towns that are much the same as they were hundreds of years ago. You can stop off and try the local food at the restaurants you pass along the way, and you can get a taste of the culture as you pass by the ornate cathedrals, statues and other buildings that have been standing tall and proud for centuries.

Bucharest, Romania to Vienna, Austria

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Many people don't realize just how close the countries in Europe are to each other. You don't have to take a plane or a train to go from Romania to Austria. You can take a road trip in a rental car and see all the amazing sights along the way. Starting in Bucharest, you can travel north through the Carpathian mountain range to Transylvania - yes, the Transylvania. Here you can visit the actual castle that was said to be home to Dracula himself. Next, get onto the Transfagarasan mountain road, "one of the most incredibly beautiful routes in the world." It will take you through numerous ancient cities full of historical castles and into Budapest, where you can visit actual Roman baths before heading onto Vienna, which has some amazing, unique architecture in its own right.